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Author Bob Metcalfe with backdrop of Blue Ridge Mountains
Author Bob Metcalfe

Robert B. Metcalfe (Bob) is a licensed custom builder and general contractor in Virginia.

Before commencing his career as a builder, Bob was an Air Force pilot for 10 years. He went on to a career in flying commercial jets, retiring as a U.S. Airways captain. His use of checklists as pilot was the inspiration for the checklist format of House Building & Remodeling.

Bob began working in construction during airline furloughs and layoffs, starting as a laborer and moving up to positions as superintendent, tract manager and land buyer for single-family homes, and commercial builder of Denny’s restaurants. He started his own construction company, Metlo, Inc., in 1980, prior to his last stint as an airline pilot. Bob and his wife live in scenic Rappahannock County, Virginia.

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